VM-560FF 1-Watt

The VM-560FF Transmitter has one induction frequency; three direct connect and a fault-find frequency. The LED indicators on the transmitter show the frequency selected, output level, and battery status. An audio indicator beeps to advise the quality of the connection.

This one-watt transmitter can transmit the locate signal onto the target line three ways. By direct connection, if direct access to the line is available, by induction by simply putting the transmitter in induction mode and placing it over the target line with the induction arrow in line with it or by clamp mode and using the induction clamp to clamp around the target line.

  • 512Hz & 8.192kHz direct connection
  • 80kHz direct connection and induction 
  • Fault-find
  • Lightweight, rugged, ergonomic IP54 housing
  • Current output in direct connect, clamp, and induction modes 
  • Protection against inadvertent connection to incoming voltages up to 240V. 
  • Comes as standard with direct connection leads, ground stake; clip-on carry straps, and D cell batteries.

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