Loc3 10-Watt

The 10-Watt broadband transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz, SD mode (Signal Direction), fault find and true resistance measurement up to 1 Mohm. The two inch by one-inch dot matrix display with LED backlight shows output current, connection type, volts, resistance, frequency, volume, battery condition and high voltage warnings.

The optional Transmitter Link (Tx-Link) installed in the receiver and transmitter, remote operation of the transmitter from the receiver is possible. The range of the radio transmitter link depends on having a clear “line of sight” between receiver and transmitter but is typically around 300m /985 ft. Signal Direction (SD) mode feature verifies if the line being located is the target that the transmitter is connected to.

  • Packaged in a lightweight, rugged, ergonomic IP54 housing
  • Current output in direct connect, clamp or induction modes 
  • Protection against inadvertent connection to incoming voltages up to 240V.
  • 3.24kg with Li-Ion Battery
  • AC/DC Power Source
  • Built-in AVO meter

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