SPX RD8200

RD8200 and RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locators

Radiodetection’s flagship ranges locate cables and pipes quickly and accurately to help increase operators’ productivity and prevent damage to buried infrastructure

RD8100M and RD7100M Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locators

The RF marker locators combine the ability to find buried Markers with finding underground cables and pipes, including simultaneously.

To achieve full performance these locators must be used with either the TX-5 or TX-10 signal transmitters. Plastic pipes can be found by using our range of transmitting Sondes.

  • Industrial grade display for outdoor useage
  • TruDepth and current readout
  • High performance audio and vibration alerts for noisy environments
  • Current direction
  • Power filters
  • Dynamic overload protection
  • Swing warning
  • Usage logging with GNSS positioning
  • Self-test
  • Custom frequencies
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity

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