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Pundit Ultrasonic


Consolidated power in a single device for structural imaging, object and defect detection with ultrasound pulse echo

  •  Real-time imaging, weight optimization and AI assistance
  •  Large scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and AR visualization modes
  •  Superior image clarity with control of all transmission parameters


Have the power of the Pundit 200 PE, Pundit 250 Array and PD8000 with a single device. Enhanced wireless inspections with on-site, 2D, heatmap and high-resolution 3D imaging


Experience the lightest, yet most intelligent pulse echo structural imaging device available on the market. Powered by ever-evolving software with AI and AR, to expand your inspection capabilities


Unbeatable productivity ensured by AI assisted positioning and data interpretation, real-time feedback of probe controls, immediate data visualization and easy report creation

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