Air Array

The Kontur SFCW GPR solution. Step-frequency continuous-wave technology enables users to achieve the best possible resolution at each investigation depth. Great depth penetration and high-resolution data are achieved simultaneously. Unlike impulse GPR systems, SFCW GPR enables users to be unrestricted in application of hardware to survey type. One antenna can be deployed to many different survey types. 

The Air Configuration:

  • High speed, high-resolution near surface 3D imaging.
  • See features in any direction: 3D mapping and detection of shallow layer interfaces
  • Deploy to: Pavement surveys, bridge deck investigation, air side runway condition surveys, tunnel lining surveys, ballast surveys, UXO
  • Frequency range of 200-3000MHz for optimum resolution and depth with every survey.
  • 75mm channel spacing
  • Available in 900mm 9ch, 1800mm 21ch, 2100mm 25ch 2400mm 29ch and 3300mm 41ch
  • Antenna cable up to 8m length
  • Heavy duty flight case
  • Flexible mounting: in front, behind or underneath directly to van, RRV or train using a bespoke solution


Three antenna types: one control box (GeoScope). Each Kontur antenna has its own in-built GNSS receiver for coarse positioning and precise GPR timing.

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