Screening Eagle Technologies Releases GS2.2

Say hello to freedom and to version 2.2 of the Proceq GPR Subsurface app, the powerful and feature-rich, yet incredibly intuitive software to map the underground using the most advanced system in the market, the Proceq GS8000.

This update introduces the ability to collect points of interest (PoI) as you navigate on top of them, allowing you to accurately geolocate and categorise not only what can be seen in GPR cans, but also any feature visible on the ground. Including findings made with other utility mapping techniques such as EML. All on the same map and same coordinate system, for a common output to CAD directly from the data collection app. 

SET have also released TPS integration – ‘Free Path’ available where GNSS is not.

Position cursor colour now in yellow!

Bug fixes

Download here: