Kontur Releases Examiner 3.7.1

NOW AVAILABLE – Kontur Examiner Specialist 3.7.1 Update!

We are excited to introduce Kontur Examiner Specialist 3.7.1, featuring an array of exceptional functionalities that will elevate your investigative workflows!

  • Altitude Display in Overview & Exports: Enhance your data analysis with seamlessly integrated altitude information, available in both overview and export features.
  • Import & Export Annotations Using CSV Format: Streamline your workflow further by effortlessly importing and exporting annotations using the universally compatible CSV format.
  •  Interface Visualisation Using Virtual Trench: Explore interfaces within the Virtual Trench view, cut in any direction, and observe real-time updates. Delve deeper into your data.
  • Layers View & Reporting: Generate visualisations of subsurface layers and present data with the all-new reporting functionality. Layers View provides a fresh perspective on your GPR measurements, facilitating easier communication of results.
  • Single Channel Interface Erase Tool: Attain a precise and focused analysis every time. Fine-tune interface measurements with increased flexibility.

Now Accessible! Upgrade to Examiner Specialist 3.7.1 today and discover the transformative power of these groundbreaking features.

Available with any current Examiner 3 maintenance contract.

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